DEEP PLATE no. 52 - Lava stone

195,00 DKK
Handmade plates in stoneware is part of Ro Collection tableware collection. It is a series created with Japanese aesthetics and Danish functionality. The organic triangular form is characteristic for Ro Collection ceramics. 

Setting a table with this collection, allows you to create endless compositions on the table. Both the shape and colour create an organic background for natural food, artisan coffee and afternoon tea – for festive occasions or everyday life.

The plates are produced in a family-owned factory in Portugal, where proud pottery traditions have existed for generations. The plates are available in four sizes  and are suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Plate is designed by Rebecca Uth.

Plate are hand-cast stoneware and glazed in a Ash grey and Lava stone colour. A complimenting setting for dining, with a clear reference to the surrounding Nordic nature and kitchen. 

The colourtones of the glaze may differ from plate to plate and making each piece special. The plates stackable.

Ash grey

H 5 cm, Ø 21 cm.

The plates can go in the dishwasher and are oven proof.