Ro Collection and True North Designs join forces

With a strong set of common values centering around craftsmanship and design, the two have united under the Ro Collection brand name, with a mission to revitalise the Danish design tradition. 

From the beginning, Ro Collection has explored a wide range of materials and product categories and have always aspired 

to design and manufacture furniture, once the time was right.

In January 2022 Ro Collection introduced furniture firmly rooted in the Danish design tradition without any compromise.

Ro Collection and True North Designs have since January been in the process of establishing a new creative powerhouse in the picturesque village of Faldsled on the Danish coast, where the teams will come together to design and develop 

both furniture and interior objects.   

“The beauty of this merger is that none of us have had to redefine our fundamental visions or strategies. We want to revitalise the Danish design tradition and create beautiful timeless pieces that people will have in their homes for many years to come - maybe through generations,” says founder of True North Designs, Martin Colberg.