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Ro Collection introduces furniture firmly rooted in the Danish design tradition without any compromise.

With a strong set of common values centering around craftsmanship and design, Ro Collection and the furniture brand True North Designs

have united under the Ro Collection brand name, with a mission to revitalise the Danish design tradition.

"Denmark's Next Classic"

Martin Colberg and Peter Serup

Together the dynamic design duo participated in the Danish TV show "Danmarks næste klassiker",
where they are challenged with designing functional, aesthetic objects based on a list of criteria set by the judges.
View behind the scene footage from the program. 

“This is the sofa bed that we made for the TV show “Denmarks Next Classic”. The first of six 3 week challenges. Being part of this concept has been a ride and has brought both tears and laughter. I come out 4 friends richer. Mostly people think of us as competitors, but in fact we are brothers and sisters on a mission to revitalise a tradition that we are gen-erally quite proud of here in Denmark.”

”This time the assignment was to make a bedside lamp that did not disturb your sleeping partner, could intuitively be turned on and off and preferably had a nightlight function. 

The inspiration for the shape of the lamp was a torch of the sort, that you could find on a Castle wall in a fairytale about knights and dragons and princesses." - Martin Colberg

”Making the stool for the TV show Danmarks next classic was a ton of fun. Basically we used two pieces of wood and a metal ring, 3 screws and some glue. We use wood because, as far as I am concerned it is material endowed with a soulfulness that can’t be matched by anything else. It is also the material that made me fall in love with the furniture industry in the first place.” 

”The third challenge in Denmarks Next Classic was to make a stacking chair for the new national youth stage of Denmark, which is currently under construction in Copenhagen. We wanted to bridge the old part of the city and the old Aveny T Theatre with the new modern building and the youthful energy that will fill it in the years to come." - Martin Colberg

Our dream

We strive for the timeless
rather than time specific

We work with natures own materials – wood, leather, textiles, ceramics, and glass. All tactile materials with their own story to tell, allowing us to create unique long-lasting products.

A Shared Vision

Ro Collection and True North Designs join forces

Ro Collection and True North Designs are currently in the process of establishing a new creative powerhouse in the picturesque village of Faldsled on the Danish coast, where the teams will come together to design and develop both furniture and interior objects.  

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Together, we create genuien Danish design furniture and objects.

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Everything we make and produce is built to last by our craftsmen and designers. We handpick our suppliers and work closely together to ensure an optimal process. 

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