Jug no. 58 large, Ash grey

395,00 DKK


Jug large is suitable for both cold and hot beverages. It pours easily and the large Jug is spacious enough for adding ice cubes, herbs or other flavours into the liquid. Can be used at the breakfast table for juice, at dinner as a carafe for water or wine Take it to your nightstand with water. Use is as a carafe for water in the refrigerator.

A hand casted stoneware jug glazed with reactive glazes. The organic triangular form is characteristic for Ro Collection and Jug fits with the tableware collection of bowls, cups, and plates, both in relation glaze and design. The colour tone of the glaze may slightly differ from jug to jug making each piece unique.

The wide spout and organic shape give Jug character. The shape also provides a good grip.

Jug is produced in a small factory in Portugal, where proud pottery traditions have existed for generations.

Designed by Rebecca Uth


Ash grey

H22 x W11 x D14 cm 7 / 1 liter

Jug is dishwasher safe and can hold both cold and hot liquids. Can also be used in microwave. Do not store high acidic liquids as lemon / orange juice in the jug for several days, as it may affect the surface.