GLASS CANDLESTICK no. 55 - Moss green

275,00 DKK


The family of glass lanterns has been accompanied by two candlesticks in glass. The design fits well with the other lanterns, both in colour and style – being unique at the same time.

The many variations of true coloured glass create an atmosphere with the reflections from the candle flames.  

Glass Candlestick is designed by Rebecca Uth


Glass Candlestick is mouth blown in a handmade quality of glass. In this technique, smaller air bubbles might appear in the glass and the intensity in colour may vary.

Moss green

H 15  cm, Ø 7 cm.

Glass Candlestick is available in two sizes for standard candles and comes in four colours, Indigo blue, Sepia Brown, Heather and Moss green. 

Only wash with a mild soap under hot water - never use boiling water.
Never use sharp/scratchy objects to remove the leftover candle wax. We recommend that you do not let the candles burn the whole way down to the bottom of the candleholder as this may discolour or damage the product.

Do not place in the windowsill close to curtains. Never leave burning lights unattended.