FLOWER VASE no. 23 - Moss green

925,00 DKK


Flower Vase first came to life in the hands of the Danish Designer Nina Erichsen, who created the piece in a glass workshop on the Danish island of Bornholm.

Crystal clear and full coloured glass come together in Flower Vase which is mouth blown in heavy glass according to traditional craftsman techniques. Because Flower Vase is handmade differences in colours and transparency will vary from vase to vase as well as air bubbles might appear – giving each piece its own unique story.

The shape and weight make Flower Vase stand robust, while the graduated tint at the bottom hides the flower water and let the stems emerge gradually. Flower Vase No. 23 is a broad, useful table vase for lots of tulips - glasswork between function and sculpture.

Designed by Nina Erichsen

Mouth blown glass, crystal clear glass and coloured glass, melted together.

Moss green

H 18 cm, Ø 24 cm


Flower Vase is available in many sizes and colours and is suited for both small and large bouquets including long-stemmed flowers and branches.         

Moss green is available in Flower Vase no. 2 and Flower vase no. 23.           

Due to the handcrafted nature of this piece individual air bubbles might appear and the colour gradients and transparency may vary, making each vase unique. 

Only wash with a mild soap under hot water. Never use sharp/scratchy objects to remove stains.