Hand Turned Vase Curved no. 60

995,00 DKK


Our first launch within the Hand Turned Collection is two beautiful vases turned by hand on a potter’s wheel.

The vases are unique with a strong character, both due to the shapes and the choice of clay. The two shapes Curved and Classic, are each serving their own purpose and expression.

The vases are made in grainy clay with speckles. Before firing the piece in the kiln, the clay is dark and almost smooth looking, but the 1250 degrees in the kiln turns it into this bright, golden grainy clay with brown speckles. The outer surface is kept untreated leaving the vases with a rustic and Nordic appearance.

As the vases are 100% handmade each piece will be unique.

Designed by Ro Collection


Grainy clay with speckles



H25 x W16,5 cm
Top opening Ø13 cm


Due to the handcrafted nature of this product size and shape may vary. Due to the non-coated raw surface on the outside, please make sure to only use a hard-wrung cloth to clean the surface for dust. The vase is glazed inside and can be cleaned with water and soap. The vase is not dishwasher safe.