CHANDELIER no. 56 - Moon stone

695,00 DKK


Chandelier is a four-armed candleholder, uniquely created with inspiration from the traditional craft of Nordic candlelight crowns. The chandelier holds up to four tall candles but is beautiful with fewer as well.

Chandelier is hand-casted in earthenware and must be handled with care. The transparent shiny glaze adds depth to the chandelier and it almost seems as if it is made of glass. The colour pigments of the glaze gather in the corners and edges of the candleholder highlighting the shape and the sophisticated design.

Chandelier is produced in a small factory in Portugal, where proud pottery traditions have existed for generations.

Designed by Rebecca Uth.


Chandelier is hand-casted in earthenware with coloured semi-transparent glazes. The earthenware material lends lightness to the product which complements the design very well.



H17 x W14 x L14 cm 

Chandelier is available in three beautiful colours, Moonstone, Rose pink and Olive green. Chandelier is suitable for both tall and regular sized candles.         


Chandelier is not dishwasher safe. Only wash with a mild soap under hot water. Never use sharp/scratchy objects to remove the leftover candle wax. We recommend that you do not let the candles burn the whole way down to the bottom of the candleholder as this may discolour or damage the product.

Do not place in the windowsill close to curtains. Never leave burning lights unattended.